Розклад пізнавчальних зустрічей з іноземними вчителями на 4 травня:





1. 📗 Animals! All kinds of animals!
💙 Лінк на зум: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81252306510
📅 Час: 4 травня, 14:00
🏫 Для кого: 6–10 років

Вестиме: Mark Long, English teacher

Pets, farm, jungle, desert, ocean, north pole, south pole. Songs about animals.

2. 📗 The reading corner – Story 2. Talking to the Trees
💙 Лінк на зум https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88966303728
📅 Час: 4 травня, 16:00
🏫 Для кого: 10–18 років

Вестиме: Anna Vorbek, English teacher

This week, we are going to read and discuss 3 short stories that contain messages for the reader. There will be worksheets and audio/video to help understand the stories each day, but you might like to have a dictionary with you to check some words and a notebook to write down your answers for the activities. At the end of the week, we will compare the 3 stories and think about the similarities and differences in the situations, and if the messages they contain can be helpful.

Story 2. Talking to the Trees. Jim hates going out to collect firewood for his family each day. One day, he decides to save time, but instead, he learns an important lesson.

3. 📗 Join hands around the world in music and dance
💙 Лінк на зум https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82157497093
📅 Час: 4 травня, 17:00
🏫 Для кого: 6–12 років

Вестиме: Kathleen Kampa, English teacher, USA

Come sing and dance with Kathy! Discover different ways to move and express how you feel. We’ll do some dances from countries around the world, including folk dances from Ukraine, Mexico, and Australia. Let’s use our imaginations to create some new ideas, too. Learning dances can help you learn English as well as make you feel happy! Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water.

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